Technical Specifications TERRANICA Dreamtrack Neo

Engine  Turbo diesel HATZ (Germany)

Conforms to EU and US environmental standards

3Н50 TIC

Volume, l


Power  kWt  (horsepower)

44 (59)

Torque nm


Automatic transmission ZF (Germany)

4-speed automatic

Swing mechanism

Side clutches

Fuel tank capacity, l


Volume of additional fuel tanks, l


Total range of fuel tank + additional fuel tanks, km


Gradeability, grade


Overcome the slope, grade


Number of seats/beds


Max speed, km/h (miles/h)

70 (43,5)

Length, mm


Width, mm


Height, mm


Base, mm


Clearance, mm


Track width, mm


Axle track, mm


Weight (Curb/Full), kg


Average specific ground pressure, kg/cm2




Terranica Dreamtrack Neo has new on-board friction clutches with tremendous traction. Side clutches are oil-free in the crankcase.

Now the turning mechanism is located together with the brakes inside the machine and there is no longer reason to be afraid of freezing with ice or clogging with dirt of this critical unit, and the installation of hatches provides sufficient space and accessibility to repair these mechanisms.




In our new model, we use materials and technologies that are widely used in the aviation industry – aluminium, high-alloy stainless steels, heavy-duty polymers and composites.

We managed to make a vehicle with the smallest possible weight and with capabilities without competition in ATV industry for such a weight. The use of a new technology and materials allowed us to overcome any extreme obstacles in different topological and climatic conditions.

The body is made of combined materials – a welded aluminium boat, covered with a single fiberglass component – the deck.

This design made it possible to make the body light and tough in the same time and also extremely easy to repair.

The whole body is covered with 50mm effective thermal insulation, which effectively saving the heat.

Now our vehicle also has a hard top with hatchways and hinged side doors that open in the opposite direction.

In our new model we make easy and comfortable access for driver and front passenger seats. Backseats are accessed by the stairs, which is usual for tracked amphibious ATV.

In the new model, like in previous one, the armor plating of the front and the bottom of the body was superimposed with a super-durable sheet polymer, which is used for lining the body of off-road dump trucks.


Completely independent and short-stroke.

We abandoned the long-travel suspension, which allowed us to minimize the vehicle’s tendency to drop tracks.

For added comfort we applied pneumatic track rollers with tubeless tires or monolithic rubber filling for operating in harsh conditions (optional).

The suspension arms, drive wheel, guides and supporting rollers are made of heavy-duty polymer which have a large modulus of elasticity, low weight and gave the vehicle additional buoyancy due to the low specific gravity.

The use of high-strength polymers in these units and parts and their ability to repel freezing from snow, made it possible to minimize the freezing by snow and ice of the entire suspension and drive mechanism.


It is made demountable into three parts – a track, a comb and, in fact, a tape. These allows you the use of vehicle with a variant of the tracks, which due to different geometric sections and lug patterns, are having their specifics of movement on snow, or on mud, or even on a rocky surface.

Now our caterpillar does not “get washed up” on the slopes, but clings well to all kinds of surfaces due to the sharp edge of the polymer track.

The new caterpillar now has no holes for the drive sprocket and it rests on the supporting surface with the entire area of the tape.

The absence of “windows” for a classic sprocket on a caterpillar’s ribbon significantly increases its tensile strength and, as a result, it’s a resource.

The track’s shape, weight and traction on the drive wheel allows our vehicle to go out from floating to  ice surface, which is a huge achievement for any ATV.

Since 2020 tracks on all Terranica models are made only in width of 600 mm.

Thanks to use of aluminium and composites, the weight of the new model with a payload does not exceed 2500 kg. That, together with an increased base and wide caterpillars, creates minimal ground pressure in the range of 0.08 – 0.09 kg/cm, which is comparable to the pressure on the support surface of a classic snowmobile.


For Terranica Dreamtrack Neo, a new type of gearing of the drive wheel with the caterpillar is made, eliminating the rapid wear due to the friction of the polymer sprocket with a metal pin, ringing the caterpillar meshing window.

Also, a new type of drive wheel is installed on our new ATV – now the engagement is carried out by the interaction of transverse parts of heavy-duty polymer on the drive wheel with a polymer ridge on the track.

Now the polymer interacts with the polymer and minimally wears out and there is no reason to deal with the rust.


A feature of the Terranica Dreamtrack Neo is the presence of displacement volumes in the crawler bypass, which create more confident overcoming of water barriers by improving stability.

Additional displacement is 1000 litres.

This allows us to overcome water obstacles and a wave up to 1 meter, which corresponds to the 1st class of seaworthiness.

The speed on the water has been increased due to the fact that the top track of the caterpillar has a surface position and does not “row” in the opposite direction when the caterpillar mover rotates in water.

The presence of sponsons significantly increased the internal volume of the machine due to the placement of cargo compartments, fuel tanks, batteries and other equipment inside the sponsons.


This propeller is widely used with modern military equipment and allows you to increase the speed of a vehicle on water by more than two times, converting the idle kinetic energy of the water stream, created by the drive wheel, into the useful energy of the water stream directed in the opposite direction of movement.

In this way, when crossing water obstacles, you can do it without an additional outboard motor.